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7 Best Netflix Hunting Shows

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If you’re anything like me, your passion for hunting way extends past actually going out in the wilds. One of my favorite ways to take part in this beautiful sport is simply learning more about it, and best of all, watching other hunters get at it.

Little known to many, Netflix has a whole heap of really great hunting-related shows!

Of course, I have seen all of them.

In case you might also be interested, I’ve put together my 7 favorite Netflix hunting shows to catch on Netflix right now!

Let’s get into it.

best netflix hunting shows


I’m gonna go rank my favorite Netflix hunting show first, so in case you decide not to read anything else, you’ve at least learned about this amazing show.

MeatEater is the best hunting related show ever made. Period.

It’s hosted by renowned outdoorsman and conservationist Steven Rinella, and blends hunting, cooking and nature exploration. Which happen to be my three favorite things.

Throughout the show we follow Steven as he embarks on various hunting expeditions for a large variety of big game animals, such as deer, elk and bear.

The best part of the show, however, is that Rinella continuously emphasizes the importance of ethical hunting, responsible conservation practices, and the deep connection between us humans and the natural world that we come for.

Essentially, he preaches about everything The Elite Hunter is always preaching as well.

If you’re tired of hearing the PETA fanatics judge you for hunting, watch this show, and you’ll be able to tell them just how incredibly good natural food sourcing is for animals as whole, the environment – and you know, taste.


Next we got Battlefish. This was the first one I caught, and I think I binged the whole show in a weekend.

I’m not usually one for fishing shows, but I’ve learned that tuna fishing is more like hunting – but in water.

And it’s totally badass.


Unlike traditional hunting shows, Southern Survival features a crew that simply evaluates different various outdoor survival gear. Sounds boring?

I promise you it is not!!

These guys are super hardcore and focus on equipment within survival technology. It’s packed with action and demonstration and perfectly blends entertainment and practical survival knowledge in the coolest way.


Alone is more of a reality show, but hear me out; it’s not one of those scripted ones where they take you to the side and cut and prod you for drama. It’s legit. The contestants film themselves, and you can be guaranteed that there’s no camera crew to the side providing frappuccinos and vegan carrot dip.

The participants are all isolated in the wilderness and must fend for themselves. They gotta source their food, shelter, and safety — which naturally means they’ve gotta employ both hunting and foraging skills.

I also like to imagine how I would do in their scenarios. Although I won’t hide the fact that when I head out in the wild I pack with me all the gear I can muster, I always wonder how I’d do in a real survival scenario. As hunters, I think we’d do better than most.


I mean I can’t go through the whole list without mentioning the famous Bear Grylls. I know I know, it’s not really that much about hunting, and he most definitely has a camera crew with him, but you still learn a lot.

The interactive format is also really fun, kind of like a “choose your own adventure” style. I’ve learned a lot about survival techniques, but most importantly, how to think critically about different survival choices.


One of the best reality shows out there, in my opinion, is Win the Wilderness. It’s a british surivival competition, where participants are dropped on a remote property in Alaska. They have to use surivival skills, hunting and common sense to endure in the rugged and challenging environment of Alaska.


This last one is just an honorable mention because it’s not a show, it’s a movie, but I think it’s really fun. The title is pretty self explanatory: a father-son hunting trip turns into a turn of comedic, unforeseen circumstances.

Hunting is used more as a backdrop, and you don’t learn anything, but I think it’s a great way to show how hunting is typically a tradition passed on from father-figure to son (or daughter!)(or anything else!), and how that dynamic shapes each of us as hunters.

It’s also just an amazing movie. One of my faves. Josh Brolin is just so great.

And there ya have it, the best Netflix hunting shows

For those of us who share apassion for hunting, fishing, survival and the great outdoors in general, Netflix actually offers quite a few great options of shows that allow us to really immerse ourselves in this thrilling world.

If you’re even half as interested in hunting as I am, you’re going to have a great time watching either one of these shows. Most importantly, though, you’re going to learn so much.

I credit a lot of my knowledge, for example, to Steven Rinella from MeatEaters.

If you’re bored, or sick, or just got too much time on your hands while still unable to actually go out and physically enjoy the world outside – then consider checking these shows out.

Enjoy, and happy hunting!

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