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Best Dog Hunting Vests of 2024 – The Hottest Choices for Your Hunting Preference!

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There’s nothing as precious as the bond between a hunter and their dog when heading out into the wilderness, so today I will share my thoughts on the best dog hunting vests available on the market.

Hunting with your best buddy truly takes hunting to the next level, but it’s important to take extra safety precautions and do additional work beforehand! By using a dog hunting vest, you will keep your furry friend warm, visible, and protected while out in the field.

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All experiences are based off of an above-average-sized pointer girl, see picture with me for scale below. Keep that in mind when judging sizes for your bud!

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Let’s get into it!

5. Coodeo’s Tactical Dog Hunting Vest

Best choice for versatility and budget.

Starting off at the back of my top 5, we have the Coodeo Dog Hunting Vest Orange, Camo, and Reversible Reflective Dog Tactical Harness.

This is the only dog-hunting vest I’ve found that can effectively switch between camo and reflective orange, allowing you to switch up the use on the go.

It’s very light on the dog, so won’t keep them too warm. However I expect it to be perfect for dogs with larger coats like Germans and Golden Retrievers, and it is light and quick to put on.

This one makes the list simply because you get so much more for the price compared to every other product on the market.

Also, what’s more convenient than being able to shapeshift your dog from stealth to visible in a matter of seconds?


  • Versatile, can switch colors
  • Light & durable material
  • Budget-friendly
  • Water resistant


  • Can be tricky to put on at first
  • Runs small, so size up (got the medium-sized for my pointer and it was on the tighter size)
  • Does not provide warmt
coodeo1 2

4. Browning Camo Neoprene Dog Hunting Vest

Best choice for warmth.

Browning is known for great, budget-friendly equipment that will save your pockets while still doing the job.

This dog hunting vest is great for people who want a vest they can just adjust one time and slip on their pawed friend at any time, and for people with dogs like mine that shiver the second a gust of wind graces through.

The strong neoprene fabric keeps the vest sturdy in rough vegetation, but most importantly keeps the dog warm in colder climates – making it a great choice for any form of late fall hunting.

The only real big drawback is that the sides are tightened using velcro straps, and although had no issues, this often indicates a short dog hunting vest lifespan.


  • Easy to equip
  • Warm
  • Water repellant
  • Budget-friendly


  • Runs small, goes up a size or two extra than advertised
  • Uses velcro straps that can wear out over time
Photo Credit: Browning

3. Browning Protective Dog Hunting Vest

Best choice for comfort.

The second Browning dog hunting vest is another excellent comfort choice for your buddy.

Its best perk is the underside protection that it comes with, meaning that if you’re hunting in rougher vegetation (looking at you grouse hunters), your buddy won’t scrape up their underside.

The underside protection is especially great if you got a girl like me who likes to sprint at full in the brushes and tends to not care too much for their, you know, boobies.

The vest has the highest visibility on this list and is also very easy to put on. The material is a soft neoprene, making it comfortable and sturdy.


  • Protective underside
  • High visibility
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not very warm
  • Tight around the chest
  • I hate Velcro
Photo Credit: Jessica Bettinger, Amazon Review

2. SPOT THE DOG! Reflective Vest 

Best choice for visibility.

I love my girl, but sometimes before she gets into her hunting mode she has an explicit need to go on 60 mph runs through the brushes and up in the hills. In those cases, having a fluorescent orange high visibility vest that covers her whole body is a great ease of mind.

This is the only vest that allows me to spot her way off in the distance to easily call her back. This is especially great for newly trained dogs that might still be prone to leave the party.

It’s durable, it’s visible, comfortable, and easy to equip. Unless you’re looking into camo-style vests, this is definitely a market-top visibility choice.

It runs a bit large, but I’d rather it arrive too big than too small as it was no problem adjusting. The velcro is incredibly strong, so although I usually hate velcro I will let this be the exception.


  • Highly visible from miles away
  • Easy to equip
  • Best value for your money


  • Doesn’t provide warmth
  • Runs large, end of vest flaps like a Superman cape when running
  • Can rip in rougher brushes and vegetation
media. SL850 FMjpg
Photo Credit: Spot The Dog

1. Momarsh Adjustable Dog Vest 

Best overall.

The Momarsh Adjustable Dog Hunting Vest is the clear winner of our 2023 dog hunting vest comparison and it’s not even close.

This vest may be more expensive than others, but it fits almost all categories and is incredibly long-lasting so you won’t ever have to worry about purchasing another one in the future.

The Momarsh Dog Hunting Vest is a one-vest-fits-all, and they really mean it. I managed to fit it perfectly around my (beautiful) awkwardly shaped pointer, and the quality is good enough to outlive both your dog and the next.

It’s lightweight but retains heat wonderfully, keeping your pup warm and comfortable even in colder climates.

It is a neoprene material, making it great for rugged terrain and waterfowl hunting as it is completely water-repellant.

In my opinion, this vest is a must and I wont be looking for any alternatives any time soon!


  • Water repellant and durable
  • Adjustable to any size
  • Easy to equip
  • Comfortable (no chafing or red spots)


  • On the pricier side
  • Visibility options cost extra
  • Can be a little tricky to get the exact right fit
Photo Credit: Momarsh

The Best Dog Hunting Vest is Ultimately Up To You

Although these are my recommendations, there are tons of other great vests out there on the market. These specific ones worked great for my lovely pointer, but different experiences, types of hunting, and terrain might vary your perception!

Regardless, if you try any of these vests and have any success – let us know!

If you’re looking for more general hunting tips and guides, check out our library of content here.

If not, happy hunting!

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