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24 Of The Absolute BEST Hunting Dog Names of 2024

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If you’re looking at getting a dog for hunting, you need to give them a fitting name that’ll actually reflect their ability and use in the field.

I’ve seen countless crap “naming guides” all over the internet that all have terrible suggestions (I’m sorry but if you name your hunting dog “Buddy” or “Spot” I will judge you).

So I’ve decided to give you some of my favorite hunting dog names I’ve heard after years of experience and tell you their meaning for some real inspiration in the name-giving process.

dog hunting names

1. Tracker

Highlight your dog’s tracking ability by giving him a name that fits the bill. Hunting dogs, and dogs in general, have excellent scent-tracking abilities that they use out in the wild to find prey.

2. Artemis

Artemis was the Greek goddess of hunting and the wilderness, which just makes it really fitting for a skilled hunting companion.

3. Maverick

Top gun fan? Maverick symbolizes independency and adventurous nature, which I’m sure your hunting companion will embody once they get out on the hunt.

Train them well and get the right breed and I promise you they will always be eager to explore and find new game!

4. Scout

In grouse hunting, which is what I mostly do with dogs, the main job of my best friend is typically to scout ahead and find the grouse. If she didn’t already have a perfect name I’d name her Scout.

5. Flint

Named after flintlock rifles! Also symbolizes your buddy’s quick reflexes and unwavering determination in the heat of the hunt.

6. Dash

Reflect on your dog’s lightning-fast speed when chasing down prey! And of course, their dash-ish coat.

Get it?

7. Ember

Signify the burning intensity that both you and your dog bring to the hunt.

8. Sable

Only really works if your buddy has a dark coat. Sable is reminiscent of the shadows, both based on your dog’s look and in the shadows where prey may hide.

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9. Ghost

Capture your dog’s ability to move silently and stealthily through the terrain by giving them a name that does them justice.

And of course, just a little inspired by Ghost from Game of Thrones.

10. Echo

Bats are excellent hunters and use echolocation to detect their prey!

Echo can also symbolize your dog’s sharp barks that resound through the forest during the hunt.

11. Orion

Name your dog after the constellation to represent your buddy’s guiding presence during the hunt.

It also just sounds really cool.

12. Hawkeye

Signify their keen eyesight and the hunting nature of “Hawkeye” from the Avengers.

13. Zephyr

Inspired by the gentle breeze, Zephyr represents your dog’s ability to sense subtle scents in the wind to aid you in the hunt.

14. Ash

Inspired by the remains of a campfire, Ash symbolizes your dog’s affinity for the wild and is a reminder that they will always be by your side when you rest.

Bonus points if they have a matching coat (and you play a certain video game with a bow & arrow character I will not mention)

15. Luna

My beautiful pointers name! Named after the moon, it symbolizes her everlasting presence by my side while out in nature – and her constant light when the night gets dark.

It also just sounds really pretty.

16. Ranger

Embody your dog’s role as a diligent protector and scout during the hunt!

Hunter man hunting with his dog outdoors on the field

17. Juno

Juno was the Roman goddess of war and hunting!

Highlight your dog’s bravery and prowess as a hunter in the field with a name that fits the bill.

18. Falcon

Symbolize your dog’s hunting skills, speed, and precision by naming them after one of nature’s finest and most graceful hunters.

19. Talon

Symbolize your dog’s hunting instinct by naming them after the sharp claws of the greatest hunters in the world.

20. Viper

Represent your dog’s agility and ability to navigate through the dense wild in pursuit of its prey.

21. Flare

Several meanings here:

Name your dog after the bright illumination of a flare to represent their ability to draw attention to the game.

Represent the fact that they are always there to help you when in need, and their ability to seek out help should it ever come to that.

Just like a flare.

22. Huntress/Hunter

I mean why not just name them after your favorite activity and their main job (besides being your best bud of course)?

Celebrate your dog’s future hunting skills and fierce spirit by manifesting their destiny in the name.

23. Huckleberry

A more cutesy name based on the wild berry, symbolizing your dog’s love for outdoor adventures, hunting, and eating.

24. Cadenza

Cadenza means “improvised solo”, which reflects their individual prowess in the hunting process.

While in the field, their natural intuition is what is going to make them great hunting dogs!

↟ Hunting dog English Setter in the forest

There ya go, some solid hunting dog names!

I hope you found some inspiration for your current or future dog, and that you’ll be able to represent them well by giving them a fitting name.

There is no greater feeling than bonding through a successful hunt with your dog, and watching the joy in their whole body as they get to work on their natural instinct and intuition.

If you’re wondering what dog you should get, check out the best dogs for duck hunting here!

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