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12 Best Hunting Songs

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My two favorite things in the world are hunting and music.

Not a lot of people know this, but in addition to being a pretty decent hunter – I’m also an expert piano player!

Hunting songs have been a part of human culture for centuries, combining two of the oldest human hobbies into a beautiful harmony.

Harmony. Get it?

We have evidence of hunting songs dating back to ancient civilizations, which is honestly no surprise. These songs were originally used to pass down stories and traditions from one generation to the next, but also a way for hunters to sing and coordinate during the hunts.

Today, they’re more of just good songs to listen to to get hyped up for the next expeditions.

I love all things hunting, so let me show you my 12 favorite hunting songs!

1. “Grandaddy’s Gun” by Blake Shelton

This song from Shelton’s album “Based on a True Story” is a beautiful and sentimental reflection on how hunting is a part of a lot families family heritage. It tells the story of a grandfather passing on his hunting shotgun to his grandchild, symbolizing the transfer of hunting traditions from one generation to the next.

It’s truly a great story of the bond that’s formed through our time out in the brushes and is a personal favorite of mine because it reminds me of how I was introduced to hunting. There’s something speecial about landing a kill, knowing that the men in my family have been doing the same thing over and over for hundreds of years.

I’m also a big sucker for family heirlooms like the grandfather’s gun.

2. “Drinkin’ Beer And Wastin’ Bullets” by Luke Bryan

A true classic by Luke Brya, this song talks about the chill side of hunting. It really emphasizes the relaxation and camaraderie that comes with going out in the wild, even when you don’t even spot any game.

I like this song especially because it’s a reminder that hunting is more than the actual catch, sometimes hunting is just a hike with extra gear and a mission.

3. “Backwoods Boy” by Josh Turner

A straightforward tune by Josh Turner about hunting in the early morning. The song is about that giddy anticipation we get in the morning before a hunt. I’m also just a sucker for classic sounds like this, even the lesser known ones.

4. “Backwoods” by Justin Moore

Speaking of Backwoods, this lively anthem is also a great song about celebrating the hunting lifestyle and the allure of the forest. If you’re into the rural, hunting lifestyle, this song is for and about you.

5. “Openin’ Day” by Rhett Akins & Dallas Davidson

Openin’ Day is about a son’s first hunt. It’s an incredibly sentimental song narrating the experience of a dad introducing his son to hunting and covers all themes surrounding family bonding, tradition, and the passing of skills and values from one generation to the next.

It reminds me a lot of my first memories of hunting, and although it was an uncle who passed on the tradition to me, the point remains the same regardless.

6. “Fred Bear” by Ted Nugent

Nugent’s more spiritual take on the theme of hunting is a gorgeous little ode to the sport. It’s very musically heavy, but truly centers around the element of hunting and I think it’s a dope song as a result.

7. “Da Turdy Point Buck” by Bananas At Large

If you’ve ever gone hunting with your buddies, you know the above-average amount of banter that’s associated. That’s what this funny and lighthearted song is about.

It’s a little storytelling track that reminds us of the fun and jokes we share with our hunting companions, and I love this song a lot because it reminds us not to take the sport too seriously.

It’s a game after all.

8. “This Ol’ Tree” by Walt Gabbard

Walt Gabbard perfectly articulates the connection we hunters feel with nature, particularly about favorite hunting spots in the woods. Although I personally like to vary where I hunt I truly relate to the theme of the song around peace in nature.

Humans are meant to be outside, connecting with the earth, and this song beautifully captures just that.

Walt Gabbard is a lesser known and severely underrated artist, I suggest you check him out!

9. “Hunting, Fishing, and Loving Every Day” by Luke Bryan

This song is an ode to the simple joys of outdoor life. Bryan’s anthem encapsulates the essence of a country lifestyle that revolves around hunting, fishing, and appreciating nature’s beauty and celebrates just how peaceful and fulfilling spending time in the outdoors is.

Luke Bryans just gets it right every time.

10. “Hunting Song” by Tom Lehrer

This is more of a satirical and humorous perspective on hunting and is hilariously witty. With some irony and silly wordplay, Lehrer comments on the sport with a little bit of a different viewpoint on the hunting experience. It’s hilarious all the same.

11. “Coyotes” by Don Edwards

Coyotes is a Western ballade that captures the good ol’ fashioned hunting from the Wild West. The song paints beautiful imagery of the vast and rugged landscapes of the West while capturing the adventurous spirit of hunters throughout American history.

12. “The Hunter” by Slaves

This more alternative rock song delves into the emotional and instinctual aspects of being a hunter. It delves into the inner turmoil and complex feelings that come with the hunt, offering a deeper, introspective look at the psychological dimensions of hunting. As in: hunting is great, but you’re still taking a life.

It’s a wacko dynamic though, if you’re mainly a country fan, you probably wont like this.

And there ya have it!

Hunting has been a part of human civilization for centuries and has become a cultural tradition in many societies.

It’s no surprise that it has also inspired beautiful music from various genres from classic country tunes to alternative rock ballads.

I feel that these are the songs that best capture the beauty of hunting, both musically and lyrically.

It pains me to know that there must have been thousands of other hunting-related songs throughout history that have been lost to time, but I will forever enjoy what we have today.

Happy hunting!

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